Ground Resource Drilling, LLC. was established in 2016 by Owner/Operations Supervisor, Brent Jones.  Brent then purchased Crudewell Inc., which opened as a branch office of Richard Simmons Drilling, Co., Inc. here in Tennessee in 1981.  Brent had the privilege of working for Simmons Drilling for twenty years.  He began first as a helper, then a driller, and eventually became operations supervisor of Crudewell Inc.  Brent is proud to continue the strong work ethic and quality drilling services of Simmons Drilling through Ground Resource Drilling.

     Knowledge &  


Brent Jones is the owner and operations supervisor of Ground Resource Drilling, LLC.  Brent has 20+ years of experience drilling.  He has experience in environmental, geotechnical, geothermal, mining and water well drilling.  Brent was also employeed as a field service technician for Center Rock, Inc., where he worked alongside drillers to assist with maintenance of hammers and bits, as well as engineers and clients to sustain proficient products and sales. 

     The Right Equipment
     for Your Project       

Ground Resource Drilling specializes in several types of drilling, including: Air-Rotary, Hollow-Stem Auger (HSA), Coring, Direct Push Technology (DPT), and Auger.  We run the following equipment: CME, Drill Tech, Acker, AMS Probe and Grout Plants.  Our capabilities include both ATV and truck accessibility.   

     The Right Attitude

Ground Resource Drilling, LLC. is committed to providing excellent service and quality results to our clients.  We believe helpful and prompt customer courtesy along with a strong work-ethic translates into accurate and timely execution of job criteria.  We hold employees to high standards of performance and production and require professional conduct.