Hollow Stem Augering (HSA), Air Rotary, Mud Rotary, and Direct Push Technology (DPT) drilling techniques are used to generate soil and water samples for analysis. We have extensive experience with the installation of monitoring, extraction, piezometer, test and exploration well, angle drilling, large diameter rock holes, augering, probing and coring.  We grout both tremie and internal pressure. 


Ground Resource Drilling offers environmental, geotechnical, and water well drilling along with well abandonment.  All personnel are OSHA (29 CFR 1910.120) trained and certified. 




Our crews work cooperatively with engineers and geologists to provide accurate Soil Penetration Test (SPT) values in order to determine soil conditions, as well as rock coring to determine the quality of rock, within the building site for building foundations and bridge borings.   We use Hollow Stem Augering (HSA), Air Rotary, Mud Rotary, and Direct Push Technology (DPT) techniques to accomplish the job.


Water Well

Good drinking water is necessary and a high-yielding well is essential to maintaining adequate pressure.  We use Air Rotary drilling to construct properly engineered water wells.  Our company possesses the knowledge and skill necessary to determine the best location, and proper construction of your well, when and how much casing to set, when to terminate drilling, and the method and material of grout to be used.  We refer our customers to the pump services of Tam Clark at Herman Clark Water Systems.


Well Abandonment

An essential final step in the service life of a well in order to eliminate the physical hazard of a hole in the ground, along with prevention of contamination and hydrologic changes, is the proper abandonment (decommissioning) process.  Cement and bentonite grouting is used to complete this critical step.